Where we at?

As of the start of 2013 we are happy to announce that Ministry of Game will be held in two locations!

Ministry of Game North

Ministry of Game North will be taking place at a brand new location for 2013 – Waitara Anglican Church. It looks a little something like the below…of course at night it may appear a little different!

Waitara Anglican Church

It’s on the corner of Palmerston Road and Burdett St in Watara but its official address is:

34 Palmerston Road

Getting there by public transport is pretty easy, just hop on a train and head to Waitara Station and it’s a short walk (10minutes…ish) to the building. If you are stuck, or have trouble walking, then contact us!

Ministry of Game West

Ministry of Game West is held on Thursday nights at Merrylands Anglican Church. Information on where that is can be found here. If you are interested in gaming there contact them here!

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