Old friends

The episode in which we learnt:

  • Monsters at level 5 can do a lot of damage if they ambush you
  • Exactly what noise a sending stone makes
  • Rogues take radiant damage pretty well
  • Maybe it’s better not to push your luck when you’ve already got the puzzle cube


XP awards:

  • Turn back the Yuan-ti ambush and question the survivor: 550 XP each
  • Foil the Tabaxi assassin: 550 XP each
  • Explore Unkh’s shrine and find it empty: 100 XP each
  • Defeat the jaculi ambush: 50 XP each
  • Retrieve Moa’s puzzle cube: 150 XP each
  • Total: 14205 / 23000 XP – you’re now level 6!

New discoveries

The lords of the Forbidden City begin to take notice of their new guests… and they are not entirely happy…


XP awards:

  • Defeat the su-monsters guarding Wongo’s puzzle cube: 115 XP each
  • Make your way past the trapped bazaar and loot the kobold tribe: 100 XP each
  • Explore Papazotl’s shrine and discover his puzzle cube missing: 100 XP each
  • Defeat the clay gladiators and recover Shagambi’s puzzle cube: 900 XP each
  • Effortlessly push back on the mated Kamadan ambush: 350 XP each
  • Total: 12805 / 14000 XP

Other awards

  • Kleptor: Man on fire award for most creative way to ward off wasps
  • Drax: Axe collector award

See you next term!


The race for the puzzle cubes

Curiosity… and hope? arises in the hearts of the nine dead gods…


XP awards:

  • Defeat the froghemoth and recover Kubazan’s puzzle cube: 1000 XP each
  • Broker an uneasy truce with the Red Wizards: 150 XP each
  • Take the unexpected path and recover I’jin’s puzzle cube: 150 XP each
  • Determine Wongo’s friend and recover his puzzle cube: 150 XP each
  • Total: 11240 / 14000 XP

The descent into Omu

The city of Omu welcomes its new guests, and wishes them a challenging and painful stay…

I’m giving more XP due to the greater difficulty of the challenges, and also since we’re not counting PCs who are absent. Absent players still get XP, everyone just gets more of it!

XP awards:

  • Defeat the Zombie girallons at the wreck of the Star Goddess airship: 700 XP each
  • Discover Omu: 200 XP each
  • Defeat the Yuan-ti shadow squad: 900 XP each
  • Initial expedition into Shagambi’s shrine: 400 XP each
  • Discover a long-lost relative: 50 XP each
  • Total: 9790 / 14000 XP


Whoops! Sorry for the late post.


XP awards:

  • Defeat Queen Zalkore of Nangalore and recover the Black Orchid: 500 XP each
  • Smack talk with Conor Krieg: 75 XP each
  • Receive the blessing of the seven winds: 75 XP each
  • Discover the reclusive Xandala: 75 XP each
  • Help out the Halruaan airship crash victims: 75 XP each
  • Total: 7,540 / 14,000 XP

The circle of life

The current of the River Olung scattered the bones of the Beast along its banks for the next six miles.

The carrion birds and velociraptors gnawed the last scraps of meat and gristle from its talons and spikes.

The pterafolk swept down and prised the shinies from where they were embedded in its arms and legs.

The vegepygmies gathered the bones and sculpted them into weapons and decorations – the skull made an imposing headdress for the chief.

And, as always, life in the jungle moved on.


XP awards:

  • Garden Zombie Melee: 65 XP each
  • One very surprised Giant Spider: 30 XP each
  • Discover the history and inhabitants of the garden of Nangalore: 75 XP each
  • Fell THE BEAST!: 415 XP each
  • Total: 6740 / 14000 XP – Level 5! Enjoy your new proficiency bonus and mad skills.

The conversation

“Well, that was an interesting little development, wasn’t it?”

<smell of disinfectant>

“No, I don’t think we needed to offer to help them.”

<smell of bird droppings>

“Well, it wasn’t my fault that we got lost. When you’re ambushed by a horde of ghouls, you don’t care which way you’re running as long as it’s far away from them. And you chickened out just as much as I did.”

<smell of lemons>

“Yes, it was kind of them to let us know where Ras Nsi’s holed up. Should save us a bit of time, rather than wandering round this jungle looking for clues.”

<smell of old bones>

“Actually, that’s one area where you’re right – maybe we should’ve warned them about the Beast. Ah well. They seem like a resourceful enough bunch. Perhaps we’ll meet them again.”

<smell of freshly-forged iron>

“Yes, and then, maybe, we’ll see if they’re worthy enough to join our quest.”


XP awards – on the menu for tonight is:

  • One squad of ghouls: 300 XP each
  • A troll and the latest band of Pterafolk: 450 XP each
  • A pair of Ogre zombies: 125 XP each
  • Help the second (what are the odds?!) Emerald Enclave band to meet you in this jungle: 75 XP Each
  • Meet and help Artus Cimber and Dragonbait: 75 XP each
  • Discover the Hanging Gardens: 50 XP each
  • Total: 6155 / 6500 XP

Other awards:

  • Stryker: Statistically improbable number of ‘4’s rolled award


The long journey

Sorry guys, there’ve been a few urgent matters I needed to attend to this week, but the basic rundown of the impact you’ve had on the world is:

  • Ras Nsi is down one herald and a unit of skeletons – 400 XP each
  • The jungles of Chult are down one tiger – 30 XP each
  • Azaka’s been released to help in tribal matters, unbeknownst to you – 100 XP each
  • The Emerald Enclave will be in your debt for helping one of their teams – 100 XP each
  • You killed 7 Giant Wasps and negotiated with the last one – 115 XP each
  • You left the Lizardmen well enough alone – 50 XP each
  • A bunch of Vegepygmies tried to ambush you, said ‘nope’ and left – 50 XP each
  • Total: 5080 / 6500 XP

Other awards:

  • Frank: “What did you say? I can’t hear you!” award for incinerating Ras Nsi’s herald mid-speech


The journal of Azaka Stormfang

My name is Azaka Stormfang, tracker, guide and explorer of the mysterious jungles of Chult. Though I had never thought to bring pen to paper about my travels in the past, the events of the past week have been so wondrous that I am compelled to record them, that they may not be dismissed as the fanciful tales of a madwoman.

I saw a band of pirates disabled and left in the water by only two magnificent shots.

I saw elves of brilliant blue, and their clamshell chariots pulled by giant seahorses.

I saw a frost giant ship of mind-boggling proportions, fearsome in size, and the destruction it wrought.

I saw the great Aremag breach the surface of the waters, demanding tribute from his lessers.

I saw a red dragon descend on wings of sulfur and brimstone.

But, perhaps even more wondrous, I saw the men and women who faced these terrors without fear, and survived. I saw their skill and cunning as they navigated these troubles with barely a second thought. And, upon reflection, I think to myself: Whom should people fear more?


XP awards:

  • Deceive and then disable the pirate ship: 200 XP
  • Evade the frost giant longship: 100 XP
  • Offer tribute to Aremag: 100 XP
  • Talk down a red dragon: 150 XP
  • Total: 4235 / 6500 XP

Other awards:

  • Vinca: Master of Disguise Award
  • Kleptor: O Captain My Captain Award (awarded in absentia)
  • Stryker: One Shot Award

Trails of a Lost Religion

As some of the earliest graduates from Luke Skywalker’s new Jedi Academy, you are being sent on a mission to discover lost Jedi artifacts and knowledge.

Despite the victory over the Empire, there are still Imperial loyalist pockets and battles are still being fought. The New Republic is trying to extend its tenuous grasp over the galaxy but some areas are resistant. The Jedi are still viewed with scorn, doubt and suspicion. The galaxy can be a very dangerous place as you seek to track down rumours, and hints of lost Jedi knowledge…


Running in the Force and Destiny Fantasy Flight System, Character creation will be happening on Tuesday 1st May, with the campaign kicking off on Tuesday 8th May. Three spaces are available, so come along and join us as we save the galaxy!!