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A VERY big meany

Daddy, Why is it that some people are just so mean? We met a man who seemed very unhappy with his sister (who was a real life princess!) for running off with her true love, Lord Atticus. Admittedly Atticus didn’t

There's a bear in there.

There’s a bear in there.   My Lord. I have to request that you send more assistance in looking after your daughter. She continues to be reckless, wild, and unpredictable. She has come near death more times in the past

How scary can dead bodies be?

Dear Papa, Where are you? I’ve decided that I don’t like sewers, and when you come back, I want you to come and kill everything in that sewer. Or at least the slimy monsters in it. But I’ll get to

What is a "gummi bear"?

My Lord, Apologies in the delay in contacting you. Your daughter continues to astound with her ability to ignore danger willfully. At least it seems she has heeded my warning and summons me at the start of the day rather

So what IS a 10 year old doing in a swamp?

Dearest Mumsy and Pop-sicle, I found some new friends today! And I don’t mean Teddy and the other friends who come when I ask.  There’s a chef lady Shan who always finds a food for me, two funny rat men