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The job

“Arr! We’re under attack!” Bosco Daggerhand looked up from the mug he was polishing – making it slightly less grubby – and saw the band of hearty pirates in his tavern rise from their chairs, draw their cutlasses, and rush

The discovery

It had been a strange day. Karrak wasn’t complaining, though – there wasn’t much that was less exciting than guarding the eggs all day – he just didn’t expect that, when trouble or excitement came to their mine, that it

The voices in the head

Nanny Pu’pu stared wistfully at the band of heroes as they turned and went on their way, leaving her alone again. Why did no-one want to spend time with her? Greg the Scorpion came to his senses, in the middle

Camp Vengeance progress report, 24 Eleint, 1493DR

To: Grand Duke Ulder Ravenguard, Baldur’s Gate – May you prosper greatly! It is my pleasure to report that conditions are much improved since the debacle at our old site, Camp Righteous. We had established a foothold there in the

The cleanup crew

Boss Yokka stood in the circular chamber, surveying the pillar and staircase before him. It had been a short but costly run through the statue of the Man and Crocodile, and he was determined to get some sort of reward

The cautionary tale

A new fable arose among the Pterafolk of Chult, told by their elders told to frighten little children. The elders tell of a band of demons without wings who somehow flew up the heights of Firefinger and tore apart their

Port Nyanzaru Herald, 21 Highsun, 1493DR

Delgado retires! The high-profile citizen, Delgado Ilfein, has announced his retirement from the traditional Port Nyanzaru sport of dinosaur racing, citing injury and fatigue as his main reasons. In a statement released to the Herald, Delgado shared that ‘I’ve seen pretty

The flight

Salida ran, the long grass around Port Nyanzaru blurring at the corners of her vision, changing abruptly to  dense trees as she broke the jungle’s edge. Her feet glided swiftly and softly over well-remembered trails. The usual cacophony of the

Executioner’s Run MCMLII – Post-match report

Bob: Welcome again sports fans, to your source on all things Executioner’s Run-related – the thrills, the spills, the heroes, and, of course, the gory, gory deaths! I’m Bob, the Orc with the talk, and this is Jeff, the Shou

Tomb of Annihilation

Throughout Faerun, a mysterious curse has cast a newfound fear of death across the land – those who have been raised from the dead find their health and vitality inexorably wasting away, while priests and clerics are stymied by the