Category: Tomb of Annihilation

Quite a fracas there

In which we learned that: Who needs a sending stone when you have telepathy Unicorn-horned rabbits don’t like to play by the rules Corridors can rotate Again, it seems like the safest way through this dungeon is just to destroy

There’s more than one way to silence a skull

In which we learnt: Locking a talking skull in a room is harder than you might think It’s not always wise to listen to the paranoid anxieties of a dead god When you only fail on a 1, you still

Just a little bit fatal

In which we learned that: Acererak offers fantastic work-death balance The golems that don’t attack on sight can be more disturbing than the ones that do You should never trust a fast-talking animated skull Burning tapestries can be hazardous to

Don’t touch anything

In which we learned that: Golems are pretty bad at playing hide-and-seek Mimics can hold grudges Getting inside a chest can be hazardous to your health – or not, it depends You don’t need the IMF to retrieve treasure when

A spiritual awakening

In which we learnt that… Sometimes the best way to avoid a trap is just to smash it until it stops You can’t outrun 100 eyeballs Crocodiles like the taste of undead dwarf meat, apparently It’s unwise to vacillate in

It’s a trap!

In which we learnt that: Winners don’t cheat and cheaters don’t win There’ll be a new fashion style on the Giant Constrictor Snake catwalk Disease can humble even the greatest of warriors Shadow demons aren’t as well-hidden as they think

Viva la revolution!

In which we learnt that: A person’s suitability for a coup is best decided by an episode of Chult’s Got Talent Keeping a portcullis closed has never been so important… and so contested You can have a successful leadership spill…

A hero (or two) is born!

In which we learnt that: Some doors don’t just kick open Triceratopses can get a bit clumsy when excited Some people really just don’t know the meaning of the word ‘surrender’ Slave labour can be fun! When the DM says,

Weekend at Dyrax’s

In which we learnt that: Mages aren’t so tough when you get the drop on them Impersonating a Thayvian isn’t as hard as it seems The most effective weapon to kill a swarm of wasps is a halberd Tyrannosauruses can

Hard times create strong men

In which we learnt that… Some dwarves really shouldn’t be calling people pansies For some reason, people seem to be lining up to be petrified How effective a natural 20 on a Persuasion check is Fireballs! ——————— XP awards: Chase