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The descent into Omu

The city of Omu welcomes its new guests, and wishes them a challenging and painful stay… I’m giving more XP due to the greater difficulty of the challenges, and also since we’re not counting PCs who are absent. Absent players


Whoops! Sorry for the late post. ———- XP awards: Defeat Queen Zalkore of Nangalore and recover the Black Orchid: 500 XP each Smack talk with Conor Krieg: 75 XP each Receive the blessing of the seven winds: 75 XP each

The circle of life

The current of the River Olung scattered the bones of the Beast along its banks for the next six miles. The carrion birds and velociraptors gnawed the last scraps of meat and gristle from its talons and spikes. The pterafolk

The conversation

“Well, that was an interesting little development, wasn’t it?” <smell of disinfectant> “No, I don’t think we needed to offer to help them.” <smell of bird droppings> “Well, it wasn’t┬ámy fault that we got lost. When you’re ambushed by a

The long journey

Sorry guys, there’ve been a few urgent matters I needed to attend to this week, but the basic rundown of the impact you’ve had on the world is: Ras Nsi is down one herald and a unit of skeletons –

The journal of Azaka Stormfang

My name is Azaka Stormfang, tracker, guide and explorer of the mysterious jungles of Chult. Though I had never thought to bring pen to paper about my travels in the past, the events of the past week have been so

The job

“Arr! We’re under attack!” Bosco Daggerhand looked up from the mug he was polishing – making it slightly less grubby – and saw the band of hearty pirates in his tavern rise from their chairs, draw their cutlasses, and rush

The discovery

It had been a strange day. Karrak wasn’t complaining, though – there wasn’t much that was less exciting than guarding the eggs all day – he just didn’t expect that, when trouble or excitement came to their mine, that it

The voices in the head

Nanny Pu’pu stared wistfully at the band of heroes as they turned and went on their way, leaving her alone again. Why did no-one want to spend time with her? Greg the Scorpion came to his senses, in the middle

Camp Vengeance progress report, 24 Eleint, 1493DR

To: Grand Duke Ulder Ravenguard, Baldur’s Gate – May you prosper greatly! It is my pleasure to report that conditions are much improved since the debacle at our old site, Camp Righteous. We had established a foothold there in the