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Silience – Session Three

The party are joined by a delightful gnomish barbarian by the name of Trix. She’s more than happy to go along with the group’s decision to find the Bloody Hand Clan’s camp and destroy them. Nathaniel remembers to decapitate the

Silience – Session Two

The party settle down for the night on the edge of the Forest. Madge wanders off to gather herbs while the group is joined by the elf wizard, Nathaniel and the dwarf cleric, Doran. Both are fellow survivors from the

“Anyway, it’s common NOT human, you racist!”

Session One: The groups finds themselves washed up on the pebbly beached shores of the Island of Parlund, their fleet apparently destroyed in a ferocious overnight storm. Tarbin takes the lead with searching washed up bodies on the shore while

Silience: A Pathfinder Campaign

“We boarded those ships of our own free will, our every thought of the gold and the glory our noble cause would bring us. Hundreds of us set sail on a fleet of ships paid for by the king’s coin.