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The Sabak Tournament Finale

The penultimate day of the Sabaac Tournament, having come to its conclusion, led to a variety of activities being undertaken by our heroes. Evie showed Satele a device that he ‘acquired’, and it was determined that it would give a

Droid races!

When last we left our heroes, one of them had accidentally guzzled the hell out of a goblet of poison, which impressed Darga, their Hutt host. Subsequently, a swoop gang leader that they’d beaten, embarrassed, and robbed blind set Darga’s

Welcome to the Jungle . . .

It was not by any means the easy victory Command assumed we’d have. The locals, in spite of the fact their leadership had been eliminated and their main forces smashed, refused to surrender. There is a kind of feral warrior

To Crush Your Enemies . . .

. . . They say this was a tough fight, but this new breed has never faced one. I was there when Chancellor Palpatine  issued order 66. Not all Jedi went down without a fight, and even some younglings and

A night at the Opera

The Grand Opera. Among the members of Tau Rylos’ high nobility there was no event more important. While there were certainly other society events, such as the Lord General’s Grand Ball, there was not another artistic endeavor that so firmly

Star Wars: Seeds of Rebellion

STAR______________     Seeds of Rebellion                  _______________WARS   It is a dark time in the galaxy.   The massive galactic empire, led by Emperor Palpatine, has begun to tighten it’s grip on outlying and

Seeds of Rebellion

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