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Out of the darkness they came…

(not technically correct I know. The party still wanders the dark tunnels beneath the mountains, but you are on your way up)  My Lady, It has been some time since we have heard of the adventurers that you sent to find your

Foolish or audacious?

The servants finished clearing away the remants of the meal, and left Samuel and Caistine by the fireplace with some mulled wine. Samuel deep in thought, gazed out the door the adventurers had left. “What is it Samuel, I can

Let sleeping dragons lie.

From the journal of Ransi Ceralis.     Well now ain’t this been an interestin’ week. Here I am sniffing about the north looking for my prey and it wanders across my path as blind and clueless as you please.

The time of the Harbingers

The world has been changing, ever since the breaking of the great machine. Small subtle things at first, but more and more rumours of strange and powerful forces are being whispered in taverns across the mortal realm. Recently an ancient

One avatar of ultimate evil down… 10 to go.

  My Lord Fenrir     At last our journey has come to an end. What began with my search for Maladroit and the Tear of Ioun has brought me to trace your footsteps, and brought us into battle with

One last stand.

  At last the Pearl lay in the party’s grasp. It was a huge smooth orb, black as midnight yet translucent, offering the sight of some wriggling, squirming, scratching heart within, trying to crawl its way out. Even buried in

Hungry hungry mage-hands!

  One could never have expected that a pearl the size of a building would remain unguarded, could they? Clearly the drow did, rushing ahead and paying for his greed when a huge stone paw reached out of the hallways

Yummy yummy lobster

  My Lord Fenrir     It appears that Brigg’s Point will soon be host to an invasion of Kuo Toa. Our investigations of the town have yielded quite a bit of information, the first of which that every man,

Crazy fisher people

Greetings gentlemen, I apologise for the late notice. But the crazy fisher people are going to have to wait a week.  I was trying to see if I would feel okay to come and run the game tonight, but unfortunately

A dark and stormy night…an omen of change

Gentlemen. You who are part of the ongoing world of Uwgraf (that’s the world name in case you were wondering). I have a proposal. Since becoming all uber-powered machines of death, I have been noticing a trend of killing anything