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Threat Profile: Mad Mabel

Extracted from Interstellar Expeditions Spinwards Operational Area updates, 3130 Age: 37 (Born 3093) Position/Rank: Leader of the Grim Grinner Gang pirate band   Despite her colourful moniker, Mad Mabel represents a definite threat to our continued operations. Violent and unpredictable,

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Audio Log #68112-Rho

Voice 1 (98% match Clay ‘Skinner’ McCaskil, Grim Grinner Gang): So tell me what the hell just happened. And be precise about it. Don’t leave anything out. Voice 2 (83% match Freddie Vinh, Grim Grinner Gang): My lance were on

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Lucky breaks and other weapons of war

Taken from The Wastelands War, Galatea Free Press, 3145   While the Wasteland Legion had taken one of the Grim Grinner Gang’s operational bases and destroyed or disabled two lances of armour, they actually had very little to show for

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From the personal journal of Ash Coffin

I heard about Captain Nexx’s assault on the Grim Grinner’s supposed hideout. I can say now that it was definitely a success – for the pirates. While Nexx’s forces were victorious, true, what actually happened to him was rather humiliating.

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Grim Grinner Gang

The Grim Grinner Gang are rather far roaming as pirate bands go. For a while they were reportedly to be hiding out on Onverwacht, lurking in one of the ruined cities there and taking paid work from one of the

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From the personal journal of Burney Nexx

Two weeks of travel to Ype-Jhu and several days in the field have given me a chance to get to know the men under my command a bit better. It’s enough to tell me that they’re a real mixed bag,

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Star Type (Recharge time): K6V (197 hours) Position in system: 2 (of 8) Time to jump point: 3.95 days Number of satellites: 3 (Asuncion, Encarnacion, Cerro Cora) Surface gravity: 1.09 g Atmospheric Pressure: Standard (Breathable) Equatorial temperature: 20 degrees (cool)

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New recruits

(Put down a few thoughts on the newest batch of recruits. Hell, you’ll probably never read this, but it can’t hurt. Some of them could be valuable to us) Jack Tudor Age: 30 (Born 3100) Position/Rank: Lieutenant, 1st Battalion, 1st Wasteland Legion

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Wasteland Legion personalities

Ulysses Coffin Age: 47 (born 3082) Position/Rank: Wasteland Legion commander According to what little information is available, most notably his official biography, Ulysses Coffin is a native of Santa-Ana who’s rise to power largely comes from a desire to end


(Boss, I managed to get my hands on a bunch of Interstellar Expeditions reports about a few nearby worlds. Best if you don’t know how. Sure, they’re fourty-something years out of date, but they at least give us something to