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Mage: the Hiatus

Mages You are Awakened. But what did you Awaken from? Or, perhaps it’s better, put, what did you Awaken to? The answer is deceptively simple: the Truth. And what is the Truth? The Truth is that reality has been fabricated

The Day-To-Day Business of Business

It’s been a busy week for the team. They’ve completed three jobs in quick succession and were starting to feel heavy with cash and – as is always the case with a runner’s life – heavy with new problems to

Seattle Times Friday 17 January 2076

Artwork by Tim Bradstreet. I think. If not, it’s Rick Harris or Joel Biske.

Elros Solves The Homeless Problem

With a foot on the Halloweener’s bleeding knee, he reaches down and searches through his pockets. He comes away with a small synth leather pouch stuffed with datachips stamped with the Halloweener emblem. They’ve seen these before. More BTLs. “They

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Snuff Is Enough

The crew spends a few minutes studying the map and agree they should begin where the truck was last connected to the Matrix, but first they need to get together in meat space. Elros picks up Sunny from her Auburn

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Trending On Jackpoint 16/01/76

Open to see a slightly less fancy picture.

Pawn Takes Knight

In the back of Lorry’s Bulldog, Shadow runs his bug scanner over the brick sized envelope. “It’s sending some kind of signal,” he announces to the team. “Give it here.” Without waiting, Sunny takes it from Shadow. It squishes in

Dinner With The Family

2Graves and Elros know the plan. Sit back, stay alert, provide support when the guns come out. Lorry knows the plan. Wait in the Gopher, be prepared for a getaway. Shadow knows the plan. Talk to Vic, convince him to

A Cold Welcome

Seattle, 2076. Redmond. Tuesday morning. It stopped raining sometime after 2am. They were still on the run, then, still unseen among the long shadows and monolithic server banks that twinkled with green and red LEDs like a neon night sky.

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Seattle, 13 January, 2076

Open for a fancy picture!