Author: Richard Speyer

Telegram for you, Sir.

This message comes to you from Dr Charles Kilroy, the famous Archaeologist. You met him last time he was in London, exhibiting some of his finds from his last expedition.  

The Sky(fortress) is Falling

The Skymaster had a dastardly plan to bomb London in the middle of the secret peace talks. Unfortunately for him agents of the Watchmen were able to secretly board his Skyfortress and create havoc, and set fire to one of

Steampunk or Die!

Welcome to the 19th Century that never was! It is a world of wonder, of horror, of adventure, of magic, of strange technology and unprecedented cultural revolution. This is an age that should have been, filled with radium-powered flying machines,

A Summons from the Loremaster

Warriors attend the circle of equals. The Bloodright has been called.

Personal Log of Demi-Precentor Gunthar Voss

Well this has been a strange week. The Clans are up to something. It appears that the forces that attached Morges and Rukbat have come here as I predicted. The Nova Cat Star exited their dropship weapons hot with the challenge

Diary of Star Commander Karron

Those dezgra tank drivers have been leading us through the woods for days and just when we have them almost in our grasp we lose our opportunity! We expected Clan Steel Viper to attempt to capitalize on the Bloodright they obtained

Civilan Guidance Corps Incident Report

The proprietor of the small bar Cascarelli’s, 103 Pillar of Teak Street Partello, called for assistance with unfavourable elements engaging in brawling and intimidation of his customers. On arrival at the scene of the crime my unit discovered Mr Kamar and three

ROM internal communication

From: Acolyte VII 𝚸 Dana Johnston To: Demi-Precentor XIV 𝚸 Gunthar Voss Subject: Clan attack on Morges Data Repository – 18 September 3053 Dear Sir, I report the results of the Clan attack and subsequent analysis. Three MechWarriors enterd the base through the

ComStar internal communication

From: Acolyte IX 𝚬 Kevin Totilman To: Demi-Precentor XIV 𝚽 Gunthar Voss Subject: Engagement report – Morges Data Repository – 18 September 3053   Dear Sir, I understand that you wished to be informed of any engagements involving the Morges Data Repository.

Khan Breen speaks

You have proven yourselves warriors. Now you must prove something more. On Tukayyid you defeated an enemy tainted by a dishonourable past. The scientist caste has determined that one warrior you felled, Captain Bordon Hallis, bloodtraces to the Not-Named Clan.