Author: Michael Leong

Viva la revolution!

In which we learnt that: A person’s suitability for a coup is best decided by an episode of Chult’s Got Talent Keeping a portcullis closed has never been so important… and so contested You can have a successful leadership spill…

A hero (or two) is born!

In which we learnt that: Some doors don’t just kick open Triceratopses can get a bit clumsy when excited Some people really just don’t know the meaning of the word ‘surrender’ Slave labour can be fun! When the DM says,

Weekend at Dyrax’s

In which we learnt that: Mages aren’t so tough when you get the drop on them Impersonating a Thayvian isn’t as hard as it seems The most effective weapon to kill a swarm of wasps is a halberd Tyrannosauruses can

Hard times create strong men

In which we learnt that… Some dwarves really shouldn’t be calling people pansies For some reason, people seem to be lining up to be petrified How effective a natural 20 on a Persuasion check is Fireballs! ——————— XP awards: Chase

Old friends

The episode in which we learnt: Monsters at level 5 can do a lot of damage if they ambush you Exactly what noise a sending stone makes Rogues take radiant damage pretty well Maybe it’s better not to push your

New discoveries

The lords of the Forbidden City begin to take notice of their new guests… and they are not entirely happy… —— XP awards: Defeat the su-monsters guarding Wongo’s puzzle cube: 115 XP each Make your way past the trapped bazaar

The race for the puzzle cubes

Curiosity… and hope? arises in the hearts of the nine dead gods… ——- XP awards: Defeat the froghemoth and recover Kubazan’s puzzle cube: 1000 XP each Broker an uneasy truce with the Red Wizards: 150 XP each Take the unexpected

The descent into Omu

The city of Omu welcomes its new guests, and wishes them a challenging and painful stay… I’m giving more XP due to the greater difficulty of the challenges, and also since we’re not counting PCs who are absent. Absent players


Whoops! Sorry for the late post. ———- XP awards: Defeat Queen Zalkore of Nangalore and recover the Black Orchid: 500 XP each Smack talk with Conor Krieg: 75 XP each Receive the blessing of the seven winds: 75 XP each

The circle of life

The current of the River Olung scattered the bones of the Beast along its banks for the next six miles. The carrion birds and velociraptors gnawed the last scraps of meat and gristle from its talons and spikes. The pterafolk