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A Cold Welcome

Seattle, 2076. Redmond. Tuesday morning. It stopped raining sometime after 2am. They were still on the run, then, still unseen among the long shadows and monolithic server banks that twinkled with green and red LEDs like a neon night sky.

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Seattle, 13 January, 2076

Open for a fancy picture!

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The People of Seattle

Lorry Lorry is large even for a troll, a fine specimen of what genes and a gym membership can do for you. He works out hard to make up for the time he spends sitting around, which, as a getaway

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A Big Hot Mess

Choose life. Choose a corp. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose washing machines, cars, the latest sim-rigs, and soy in six thousand flavours. Choose good chrome, low calorie, and Doc Wagon contracts. Choose fixed interest mortgage repayments on a

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Quoth The Sharehouse of Darkness

Rather than do something which would require actual effort, like doing a session by session write up of the game, I’ve decided to make a repository of the best lines from the entirety of the campaign, so they may be

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Okubo City

The traitor Kensuke is taken away and Hamak bids the party farewell. Daisuke takes the group to his very large, very comfortable estate in the wealthier part of the city and takes leave of them. They are instead left in

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A Journey's End

Having agreed to save Gousha and travelled back into the desert, our heroes came upon the abandoned mine they’d heard so little about. Not two steps into the depths of this unnatural cavern, however, they are set upon by more

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Reflective Angels Fly Thee To Thy Rest

Here lies Cullason Level 1 – Level 3 He fought for the sake of all good men He won’t be doing that again

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Something Strange In The Neighbourhood

Our heroes turn their attention back to the road, ready to move on and leave the ghost town of Gousha to the fickle winds of the desert. That is, until, Kiki spies a fox watching them from a nearby alley.

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And Lo, the worst write-up ever appeared

So liek, there was all these bats and then OMG they turned into this monster plant vine thing that was all GRRR and everyone was all OMG KILLZ IT DED!!!!!11 So they did and then the Iced Cream wore off

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A typical night

6:45pm - Dinner will be provided ($8 to cover costs of food)

7:30pm - Games start

10:30pm sharp! - Games stop so people can get home at a reasonable hour

Feel free to bring along snacks! Cold drinks will be available to buy, but you can also bring your own. Just don't make a mess!