There’s more than one way to silence a skull

In which we learnt:

  • Locking a talking skull in a room is harder than you might think
  • It’s not always wise to listen to the paranoid anxieties of a dead god
  • When you only fail on a 1, you still can’t be sure of success… twice
  • It’s up to your old friend Azi Mas to defeat the clay golem… in style!
  • Just how many times Gruffbeard can survive being swept over by water waves
  • You’re up to your eyeballs in, er, eyeballs
  • Shadow clones can really scare you… to death!

XP awards:

  • Lock away Yaka… again: 100 XP each
  • Open Kubazan’s tomb, claim his bracers and his spirit: 200 XP each
  • Survive the winds of madness and garner the treasure in the statue’s hands: 150 XP each
  • Defeat the clay golem and claim the treasure in the chest: 1500 XP each
  • Pass through the water with weapon in hand: 150 XP each
  • Slake your shadow at the font: 100 XP each
  • Total: 33550 / 34000 XP – almost there…

Have a great break, see you in 3 weeks!

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