A spiritual awakening

In which we learnt that…

  • Sometimes the best way to avoid a trap is just to smash it until it stops
  • You can’t outrun 100 eyeballs
  • Crocodiles like the taste of undead dwarf meat, apparently
  • It’s unwise to vacillate in front of little undead girls
  • There are spirits in the tombs who want revenge!

XP awards:

  • Destroy the magnetic statue: 200 XP each
  • Defeat the wights and open Obo’laka’s tomb: 1040 XP each
  • Put down the tomb dwarves and the golem in the laboratory: 1060 XP each
  • Destroy the flameskull and her spiders and open Moa’s tomb: 540 XP each
  • Take the triangular skeleton head: 200 XP each
  • Total: 27825 / 34000 XP
One comment on “A spiritual awakening
  1. Jason A says:

    We’re putting together a team. We’re calling it, uh, the Revengers. You want revenge, I want revenge, you,? Are you..?

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