It’s a trap!

In which we learnt that:

  • Winners don’t cheat and cheaters don’t win
  • There’ll be a new fashion style on the Giant Constrictor Snake catwalk
  • Disease can humble even the greatest of warriors
  • Shadow demons aren’t as well-hidden as they think they are
  • Everything is a trap


XP awards:

  • Defeat and interrogate Fenthaza: 500 XP each
  • Put an end to Ras Nsi once and for all: 450 XP each
  • Discover the true entrance to the Tomb of the Nine Gods: 400 XP each
  • Defeat the Shadow Demon guard: 180 XP each
  • Take a sip: 200 XP each
  • Total: 24785 / 34000 XP

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