Viva la revolution!

In which we learnt that:

  • A person’s suitability for a coup is best decided by an episode of Chult’s Got Talent
  • Keeping a portcullis closed has never been so important… and so contested
  • You can have a successful leadership spill… or can you?


XP awards:

  • Successfully audition for Fenthaza’s coup: 300 XP each
  • Defeat the isolated Yuan-ti front door guards: 250 XP each
  • Defeat Sekelok and Ras Nsi’s pet Hydra: 1400 XP each
  • Recover Gruffbeard’s stuff and the final puzzle cube (Unkh’s): 200 XP each
  • Total: 23055 / 34,000 – Congratulations, you’re level 7!

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