Weekend at Dyrax’s

In which we learnt that:

  • Mages aren’t so tough when you get the drop on them
  • Impersonating a Thayvian isn’t as hard as it seems
  • The most effective weapon to kill a swarm of wasps is a halberd
  • Tyrannosauruses can teleport!?


XP awards:

  • Handily defeat the first Thayvian patrol: 700 XP each
  • Put across a decent impersonation, defeat Zagmira and recover Papazotl’s and Nangnang’s puzzle cubes: 1000 XP each
  • Fight the King of Feathers to a standstill: 500 XP each
  • Defeat the Yuan-ti ambush: 500 XP each
  • Total: 18755 / 23000 XP


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