Hard times create strong men

In which we learnt that…

  • Some dwarves really shouldn’t be calling people pansies
  • For some reason, people seem to be lining up to be petrified
  • How effective a natural 20 on a Persuasion check is
  • Fireballs!


XP awards:

  • Chase off Conor Krieg and his gang, and disable their traps: 400 XP each
  • Light the fires in Obolaka’s shrine and retrieve his puzzle cube: 550 XP each
  • Send a Thayvian patrol more-or-less to their deaths with a few well-placed words: 700 XP each
  • Guerrilla warfare in the Omuan streets: 200 XP
  • Total: 16055 / 23000 XP

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