New discoveries

The lords of the Forbidden City begin to take notice of their new guests… and they are not entirely happy…


XP awards:

  • Defeat the su-monsters guarding Wongo’s puzzle cube: 115 XP each
  • Make your way past the trapped bazaar and loot the kobold tribe: 100 XP each
  • Explore Papazotl’s shrine and discover his puzzle cube missing: 100 XP each
  • Defeat the clay gladiators and recover Shagambi’s puzzle cube: 900 XP each
  • Effortlessly push back on the mated Kamadan ambush: 350 XP each
  • Total: 12805 / 14000 XP

Other awards

  • Kleptor: Man on fire award for most creative way to ward off wasps
  • Drax: Axe collector award

See you next term!


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