The circle of life

The current of the River Olung scattered the bones of the Beast along its banks for the next six miles.

The carrion birds and velociraptors gnawed the last scraps of meat and gristle from its talons and spikes.

The pterafolk swept down and prised the shinies from where they were embedded in its arms and legs.

The vegepygmies gathered the bones and sculpted them into weapons and decorations – the skull made an imposing headdress for the chief.

And, as always, life in the jungle moved on.


XP awards:

  • Garden Zombie Melee: 65 XP each
  • One very surprised Giant Spider: 30 XP each
  • Discover the history and inhabitants of the garden of Nangalore: 75 XP each
  • Fell THE BEAST!: 415 XP each
  • Total: 6740 / 14000 XP – Level 5! Enjoy your new proficiency bonus and mad skills.

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