The conversation

“Well, that was an interesting little development, wasn’t it?”

<smell of disinfectant>

“No, I don’t think we needed to offer to help them.”

<smell of bird droppings>

“Well, it wasn’t my fault that we got lost. When you’re ambushed by a horde of ghouls, you don’t care which way you’re running as long as it’s far away from them. And you chickened out just as much as I did.”

<smell of lemons>

“Yes, it was kind of them to let us know where Ras Nsi’s holed up. Should save us a bit of time, rather than wandering round this jungle looking for clues.”

<smell of old bones>

“Actually, that’s one area where you’re right – maybe we should’ve warned them about the Beast. Ah well. They seem like a resourceful enough bunch. Perhaps we’ll meet them again.”

<smell of freshly-forged iron>

“Yes, and then, maybe, we’ll see if they’re worthy enough to join our quest.”


XP awards – on the menu for tonight is:

  • One squad of ghouls: 300 XP each
  • A troll and the latest band of Pterafolk: 450 XP each
  • A pair of Ogre zombies: 125 XP each
  • Help the second (what are the odds?!) Emerald Enclave band to meet you in this jungle: 75 XP Each
  • Meet and help Artus Cimber and Dragonbait: 75 XP each
  • Discover the Hanging Gardens: 50 XP each
  • Total: 6155 / 6500 XP

Other awards:

  • Stryker: Statistically improbable number of ‘4’s rolled award


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