The long journey

Sorry guys, there’ve been a few urgent matters I needed to attend to this week, but the basic rundown of the impact you’ve had on the world is:

  • Ras Nsi is down one herald and a unit of skeletons – 400 XP each
  • The jungles of Chult are down one tiger – 30 XP each
  • Azaka’s been released to help in tribal matters, unbeknownst to you – 100 XP each
  • The Emerald Enclave will be in your debt for helping one of their teams – 100 XP each
  • You killed 7 Giant Wasps and negotiated with the last one – 115 XP each
  • You left the Lizardmen well enough alone – 50 XP each
  • A bunch of Vegepygmies tried to ambush you, said ‘nope’ and left – 50 XP each
  • Total: 5080 / 6500 XP

Other awards:

  • Frank: “What did you say? I can’t hear you!” award for incinerating Ras Nsi’s herald mid-speech


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