The journal of Azaka Stormfang

My name is Azaka Stormfang, tracker, guide and explorer of the mysterious jungles of Chult. Though I had never thought to bring pen to paper about my travels in the past, the events of the past week have been so wondrous that I am compelled to record them, that they may not be dismissed as the fanciful tales of a madwoman.

I saw a band of pirates disabled and left in the water by only two magnificent shots.

I saw elves of brilliant blue, and their clamshell chariots pulled by giant seahorses.

I saw a frost giant ship of mind-boggling proportions, fearsome in size, and the destruction it wrought.

I saw the great Aremag breach the surface of the waters, demanding tribute from his lessers.

I saw a red dragon descend on wings of sulfur and brimstone.

But, perhaps even more wondrous, I saw the men and women who faced these terrors without fear, and survived. I saw their skill and cunning as they navigated these troubles with barely a second thought. And, upon reflection, I think to myself: Whom should people fear more?


XP awards:

  • Deceive and then disable the pirate ship: 200 XP
  • Evade the frost giant longship: 100 XP
  • Offer tribute to Aremag: 100 XP
  • Talk down a red dragon: 150 XP
  • Total: 4235 / 6500 XP

Other awards:

  • Vinca: Master of Disguise Award
  • Kleptor: O Captain My Captain Award (awarded in absentia)
  • Stryker:¬†One Shot Award

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