The job

“Arr! We’re under attack!”

Bosco Daggerhand looked up from the mug he was polishing – making it slightly less grubby – and saw the band of hearty pirates in his tavern rise from their chairs, draw their cutlasses, and rush out the room, leaving those too drunk to fight snoring on the wet tavern floor.

He heard the warcries, the clashing of steel, fiery explosions, the screams, and the gibbering of an ape and the growling of wolves, for some reason? He saw bodies fly past the doorway of his building. He heard the tromp of running footsteps on the outside hull of the tavern.

He spat in the mug and kept polishing. A particularly greasy stain was nearly out.

He heard a low magical hum, and the area just outside his doorway suddenly went impenetrably black. He heard the cries of confusion – and then a conversation between three people, as if they were parleying in the middle of a fight? Who does that?

He hung up the mug and took another, and got to work on that one.

He saw the darkness lift, and reveal two half-orcs – one of them was Heel, the first mate of the¬†Stirge – facing another one with a dangerous-looking battleaxe. Their fight wasn’t so much a dance of blades and dodges as a bunch of brutes yelling and hacking at each other, each taking an inordinate amount of wounds that would have left a normal man dead.

Finally, there was silence. Bosco saw the shadows of the victorious party in the gloom of early night, approaching the door.


He gave a nod and a wink to Gary, who’d been standing attentively and put aside his mug and the filthy rag he was using to scrub it. Time to hide and play the victim. After all, that’s what got him this job in the first place.


What a massive combat! XP awards:

  • Liberate Jahaka Anchorage from its mob of sea dogs: 400 XP each
  • Tackle the flying sword trap in the warehouse: 60 XP each
  • Total: 3685 / 6500 XP

Other awards

  • Amberlyn: “Parley?” award
  • Gruffbeard: Professional Shark feeder award

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