The discovery

It had been a strange day.

Karrak wasn’t complaining, though – there wasn’t much that was less exciting than guarding the eggs all day – he just didn’t expect that, when trouble or excitement came to their mine, that it would take place the way it did.

I mean, a bunch of big folk come in, somewhat apologetically, say a few words, then leave? This was nothing like the stories of the ‘Add-vent-churr-rerz’ that his mother and father told him. Karrak expected flashing blades, scorching fire, a slaughter at their hands, not some sort of meek retreat.

At least the event had buoyed the spirits of him and his companions – Reek over there was boasting of how the big folk cowered and ran before their kobold determination and might – and now they had their own story to tell their children – thankfully without any need for harm, danger or bloodshed.

It wasn’t until Karrak went down the mine later that day to offer his daily tribute that he noticed a couple of dark shapes at the bottom of the pit. Looking closer, he saw the bodies of Grek and Kilik, an arrow in each of them, the ones whom the big folk said they hadn’t seen.

Perhaps he should raise the alarm – but then they’d have to go out and fight, and they’d never be able to tell their great story of how they scared off the big folk. Instead, Karrak pulled out the arrows, threw them into the nearest ore cart, and went to tell the chief of how Grek and Kilik somehow, accidentally, had a bit of a tumble and fall.


XP awards:

  • Defeat the Lizardfolk tribe: 200 XP each
  • Stealth kill two Kobolds – and then, basically, go home: 10 XP each
  • Turn a pack of velociraptors into food: 100 XP each
  • Uncover the hidden pirate base in Jahaka Bay: 150 XP
  • Total: 3225 / 6500 XP

Other awards:

  • Drax – ‘I just can’t stop rolling 20s, no matter how hard I try’ award
  • Vinca and Stryker – Light Side award for not doing an Anakin, killing all the younglings and breaking Kobold Padme’s heart
  • Amberlyn – best nonchalant lie
  • Kleptor – Man with the plan award for kicking off the assault on the pirate base
  • Frank – Parent-in-the-making award for tolerating the mischief of the little brat Chwinga

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