The voices in the head

Nanny Pu’pu stared wistfully at the band of heroes as they turned and went on their way, leaving her alone again. Why did no-one want to spend time with her?

Greg the Scorpion came to his senses, in the middle of the jungle, his brother and sister gone without reason. What had happened?

And Amberlyn, meeting again with her companions and journeying away from Orolunga, heard a voice in her head, “Are you jealous of their blessings? Do not worry… our time will come.”


XP awards:

  • Defeat the Pterafolk of Mbala and retrieve Nanny Pu’pu’s travelling pack: 250XP each
  • Discover the location of Omu from Saja N’baza: 150XP each
  • Defend your camp from three giant scorpions: 300XP each
  • Total: 2765 / 6500 – Congratulations, you’re 4th level! Please update your character sheets accordingly.

Other awards

  • Vinca for most courteous way to turn down a homicidal, cannibalistic demon woman
  • Kleptor for greatest fake sip attempt
  • Drax and Frank – Chumbawumba award for getting knocked down, and then getting up again
  • Stryker – Gentleman in a sea of thieves award
  • Amberlyn – Healthy self-esteem award for taking the exclusion from Orolunga like a boss

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