The cleanup crew

Boss Yokka stood in the circular chamber, surveying the pillar and staircase before him. It had been a short but costly run through the statue of the Man and Crocodile, and he was determined to get some sort of reward for his trouble.

The initial plan was to wait until the intruders had entered the statue and then demolish their boats, but the big ones had left the scary woman outside, the one with the sharp huntress’ eyes. Then Yokka had the idea of ambushing them as they came out of the statue – hopefully weakened and lesser in number, as the knights had been months ago – but they all emerged not just alive, but in better spirits than when they entered.

So all Yokka and his goblins could do was to go in after the gang of big ones had left, and see if they had missed anything. After all, if the dumb big ones could survive the dungeon, it should be no trouble for one as cunning as Yokka and his gang.

How wrong he was.

Kraggit had ‘volunteered’ to jump the open pit and tie a rope for them, but fell short by a foot and broke his neck in the fall. Skub made the mistake of picking out a shiny metal spike in the wall, thinking it was valuable, and was surprised when a blade spun out and cut him in half. Fruggle was the first to step onto the square tiled floor, and got burnt to a crisp.

Yokka was the last one left, having gotten through the vicious gauntlet of traps over, around or through the dead bodies of his mates. Now he stood in the open doorway, looking up at the pillar. From his height, he couldn’t see if anything was up there, but he wasn’t leaving without a prize and he was going to look everywhere for it.

Knowing this blasted place, the stairs were probably trapped. Yokka shifted most of his weight to his back leg, ready to dodge back or flee at any sign of trouble, and gingerly placed his front foot on the first step.

Nothing happened.

Yokka did the same with the second step.

Nothing happened.

Yokka face broke out into a triumphant, sharp-toothed grin. The shinies were his! Perhaps the dumb big ones had already triggered whatever traps were here. He got ready to break into a dash and was dreaming of the future that awaited him – he would be a goblin king, chugging a mug of the finest goblin brew, sitting atop a mound of golden treasure – as he started up the rest of the staircase, beginning with the third st…


XP Awards:

  • Tame Obo the flying monkey and Steve the axe beak: 25 XP each
  • Complete the trial of the Man and Crocodile: 200 XP each
  • Make a pair of constrictor snakes feel most unwelcome: 15 XP each
  • Beat back the stirge swarm: 50 XP each
  • Total: 1690 / 2700 XP

Other awards:

  • Drax and Kleptor for best piggyback team
  • The pit trap for most damage dealt to the PCs thus far
One comment on “The cleanup crew
  1. Jason A says:

    Note to self, look for extroverted animals with a general unwillingness to participate in the “circle of life”, particularly the “death by carnivore” part.

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