The cautionary tale

A new fable arose among the Pterafolk of Chult, told by their elders told to frighten little children.

The elders tell of a band of demons without wings who somehow flew up the heights of Firefinger and tore apart their tribe in bloody rage. A shadow of a man whose very touch was death. A green cloak spitting a stream of arrows. A woman clad in shining chains who could not be killed. A matron of burning fire. A beast in green skin, more animal than man. And, somewhat incongruously, a giant spider.

They showed no mercy. They killed the elders. They killed the women. They plundered the tower and took the shinies. They resisted all attempts to stab, claw or drop them off the cliffs. Only three of them escaped to tell the tale, one of them near death and the other two only unscathed because they had the luck to avoid facing them in battle.

Beware, little children, the elders say, lest you be naughty, and at night, the demons come for you.


XP awards

  • Euthanase the elderly Pterafolk and rescue Nephyr: 100xp each
  • Defeat the Pterafolk tribe and retrieve Azaka’s mask: 150xp each
  • Calm an angry giant crocodile: 150xp each
  • Kill a whole lot of other crocodiles: 50xp each
  • Total: 1400/2700 XP

Other awards

  • Whole party: Best discussion of how to transport 2,000 copper coins down a 300ft spire

Dubious Honours

  • Amberlyn and Drax: Near-death experience awards:
    • Amberlyn: Friend of Gravity award (two-time winner)
    • Drax: Crocodile Matt Preston award for most appetising crocodile entree
One comment on “The cautionary tale
  1. Nicholas Selkirk says:

    Struker learned one thing – to not goad the elderly as it may well kill them!

    He seeks tougher opponents to try out his newly learned goading attack and distracting strike!

    In the meantime he is working on his marksmanship, knowing the jungles will only get more dangerous as they venture deeper in search of Orolunga

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