Port Nyanzaru Herald, 21 Highsun, 1493DR

Delgado retires!

The high-profile citizen, Delgado Ilfein, has announced his retirement from the traditional Port Nyanzaru sport of dinosaur racing, citing injury and fatigue as his main reasons.

In a statement released to the Herald, Delgado shared that ‘I’ve seen pretty much everything racing has to offer’ and ‘my loyal triceratops, Ubtao’s Child, has unfortunately sustained injuries precluding further competition.’

When asked if he might possibly return to the sport later, he replied, “Perhaps. One day, I might again feel the need… the need, for speed. If that is so, who is to say?”

In other news, clerics from the Temple of Savras have reported news from their visions and dreams…  our favourite young triceratops, Gold Digger, is expecting twin daughters. You can be sure our artists will be there to record the birth, and the baby pictures, for you, our faithful readers!

Personal advertisements

Thirtysomething triceratops, athletic build, great personality, seeking a lady who’ll love me for me. I like sports. Inquiries to the dinosaur pens in Tiryki Anchorage. (later removed)


XP awards:

  • Win a Dinosaur race and determine the location of Orolunga: 150 XP each
  • Survive and defeat four giant wolf spiders: 35 XP each
  • Sneak past the stirges: 40 XP each
  • Total: 950/2700 XP – DING! You’re level 3 now! Please update your character sheets. For those who’ve taken damage in Firefinger, just keep the same amount of damage you’ve suffered, and gain the HP that comes from the new level.

Other awards

  • Frank: The Osher Gunsberg Award for best matchmaking

Dubious Honours

  • Stryker for failing a DC 8 Athletics test, twice, despite having advantage
2 comments on “Port Nyanzaru Herald, 21 Highsun, 1493DR
  1. Jason A says:

    Animal control expert – guaranteed results! All animal-related enquiries! Reasonable fees!
    “Because of Frank, my Ubtao’s Child is a real stud!” – Delgado

  2. Matt says:

    As they ventured further in to the jungle Amberlyn once again cursed the wretched heat and rain. Thank the gods for this insect repellent as she could swear the mosquitoes were as big as birds in this place.

    The group had climbed the first part of the impressive spire known as firefinger. Stryker had almost got himself killed while climbing the poor excuse for a ladder and then Frank had disturbed some spiders that were competing with the mosquitoes for most over-sized animal in the jungle.

    And to make matters worse, unlike the others around her, Amber had no natural ability to see in these dark places and was mostly fighting dim outlines in the dark. “Let me help you with that little one.” she heard from the voice in her head as suddenly the room seemed as if it was in normal daylight.

    Going crazy has its occasional perks it seems…

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