The flight

Salida ran, the long grass around Port Nyanzaru blurring at the corners of her vision, changing abruptly to  dense trees as she broke the jungle’s edge. Her feet glided swiftly and softly over well-remembered trails. The usual cacophony of the jungle – the shouts and roars of dinosaurs, the babble of monkeys, and the buzzing of insects – was unbroken by her passing.

After a good hour of running, she stopped to catch her breath. How had they done this? In the space of a mere twenty-four hours, this ragtag band of warriors had escaped her trap, survived the almost-universally-lethal Executioner’s Run, blown her cover and tracked her to her secret audience with the great Ras Nsi. She had led previous groups to their deaths in the Run, or the jungle, or at the hands of her mercenaries – none of those had been nearly as resourceful, efficient, or determined.

What would she do now? She had nothing – she had lost her home, her gold, her livelihood. Behind her was certain death at the hands of the adventurers. Ahead of her was whatever the fickle jungle would provide.

She hissed, with a rage unusual for one of her cold-blooded heritage. She had lost the satisfaction of riches, she had lost the satisfaction of revenge…

…but at least she had the satisfaction that what Ras Nsi had in store for them next was much more terrifying than her.


XP Awards:

  • Expose and defeat Salida and her goons – 150XP each
  • The Legend of Ras Nsi – 50XP each
  • Total: 725/900 XP
One comment on “The flight
  1. Matt says:

    Amberlyn was not all too fond of trying to ambush Salida with so little knowledge of who she was or why she was coming out to the woods, but the opportunity for revenge over her framing was too much to pass up.

    As she sat in waiting in the long grass she tried to summon some of the power that she had been commanding recently. It seemed whenever she had cast a spell up to this point it had almost been cast ‘through’ her rather than by her and she did not like this lack of control.

    Right on cue the voice came to her again. “Soon little one. I will give you control of this and more. Just remember that my gifts will come with a price. You will do a thing for me and immortality will be yours.”

    The ambush went about as horribly as expected after Salida brought along unexpected guards, but the group was successful in the end and managed to subdue Salida for information. And after all was done the group let her go! Amber would have just as soon slit the wretched woman’s throat but she was smart enough to tow the party line at least for now.

    At least the way was clear to her now, upon hearing the name ‘Ras Nsi’ the voice in her head had screamed in rage “RAS NSI MUST DIE!”. It seemed that the events that had brought Amberlyn to Chult were all to guide her to this purpose, if Ras Nsi had to die so that Amber could live forever then it would be so….

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