Tomb of Annihilation

Throughout Faerun, a mysterious curse has cast a newfound fear of death across the land – those who have been raised from the dead find their health and vitality inexorably wasting away, while priests and clerics are stymied by the sudden silence of their gods to their prayers for resurrection.

The rich and powerful no longer have the security and confidence of a simple solution to an untimely demise, while the talk of the taverns is one of dark speculation – to what unholy place do the souls of the dead travel, where even the gods cannot reach them?

Desperate and fearful people have spilled gold and platinum at the feet of diviners and augurers, who have located the source of the curse in Chult – a savage and exotic land of dense jungle, punishing heat, rampaging undead and fantastic beasts hitherto unimagined. Parties of sellswords and explorers flock to this new land – some are aspiring heroes seeking to lift the curse of death, others crave this remarkable power over death for themselves, while still others are lured by the promise of gold and plunder from eager benefactors and unexplored ruins.

But some who set foot in Chult have this nagging doubt at the back of their minds – could not a power so great as to take away the souls of men and women also be sufficient to conceal its own location? Was this curse’s source found perhaps too easily? If so, who are the mice that the jaws of this trap are set for? And to what end?


‘Tomb of Annihilation’ is a D&D 5th Edition campaign which will more or less follow the book of the same name. Minor changes will hopefully increase fun.

We’ll start with a ‘Session Zero’ on the 6th February, where we’ll talk about how deadly we want the campaign to be (meat grinder mode, anyone?), whether we want to run a more heroic or self-interested party, set a few ground rules, and flesh out our characters accordingly. We should also have time to begin the actual game, so don’t skip it!

Feel free to reply below with ideas for your character’s race/class/background/story. Also feel free to make up as much of your character as you want beforehand, with the following guidelines:

  • Start at level 2 – cos level 1 can be a bit too lethal
  • Use the default array for your base stats (15 14 13 12 10 8) – cos equality
  • All official sourcebooks and current Unearthed Arcana are permitted, but you have to have access to the appropriate rules if they’re ever called into question
  • Bear in mind that you may have to make some adjustments depending on where we decide to go as a group

I’ve also got a pile of pregenerated characters for those who find the rules crunch a bit frustrating. Just choose one and go!

Any questions, reply below. See you on the 6th!

9 comments on “Tomb of Annihilation
  1. Matt says:

    My first preference for character is going to be a human Fighter/Warlock called Amberlyn.

    She began life as an enforcer and debt collector for a crime syndicate in Waterdeep. During a collection one day she was particularly drawn to an amulet and decided to add it to the ‘debts’ of her target but failed to pass on the take to her boss.

    After being discovered by the gang and marked for punishment she fled to Chult. Whilst on the boat she began having strange dreams and hearing fiendish voices during the day tempting her with promises of power. By the time she arrived she discovered newfound abilities were at her command.

    (still tossing up between Undying and Fiend patrons though I think Fiend may be more fitting)

  2. Mike Leong says:

    Thanks Matt for posting – Nick’s also sent through his char; he’s a human fighter with a background in acolyting for one of the nature gods or goddesses of Faerun.

    Fiend warlock is totally fine. That certainly won’t come back to bite you…

  3. Nicholas Selkirk says:

    Stryker is a tall and lanky human with a mop of chestnus hair and heterochromatic eyes, one brown, one blue.

    Clad in leather armor with faded green bandoliers, he is adorned with images of a red rose backed by a shaft of wheat.

    He is a disciple of Chauntea, trained in the bow and healing arts and he has been asked to come to chult to investigation the perversion on the afterlife that has befallen the land.

    His former ties to the flaming fists follow him here to chult – both good and bad – for their reach is long, and they are established here.

  4. Chris says:

    Hi Guys,
    I’ve created a couple of characters so far.
    A human warlock with a fiend patron and a half orc barbarian, very stereotypical.
    I’ll post more when I’m not on the phone. L

  5. Jason A says:

    I have a number of character ideas so far. Goliath cleric, half-orc druid, elf monk, as a sample. I’ll wait a bit to narrow down.

  6. Mike Leong says:

    Cool, thanks guys. I’ve already gotten a few story ideas based on the backgrounds given.

    Just so you know, I’m cool with multiple fiend warlocks (or multiple anything, really) in the party. Don’t feel like someone *has* to be the cleric…

  7. Matthew Stephens says:

    Hi all.

    I have two characters in mind – depending on group dynamics. A half-orc barbarian with a Glaive called ‘Drax’ or halfling Rogue called ‘Carrot’. Yes, I know, very old-school predictable – but they are classics.

    I saw your post Chris…go the Warlock and leave my barbarian be..;)

  8. Matthew Stephens says:

    First go at backstory….

    Drax is a Half Orc Barbarian from a secluded frontier forest village.

    He is searching for a cure to a wasting disease ravaging his people. The disease is not natural. It is believed to be a curse inflicted on his people during an encounter with a malevolent traveller. Word has reached the village of a similar disease in Chult, a mysterious peninsula far to the south, ringed with mountains and choked with rainforests. In desperation, the village Elders have sent Drax on a urgent quest to Chult, to find a cure, or die trying.

    Many in his village are of mixed race, who are able to live in relative harmony. Outside the forest, Drax has encountered much prejudice against his Orc ancestry and seeks to spread understanding of his proud and honourable warrior heritage.

    Orc blood burns hot within his body. The first time Drax spilled a deserving foe’s blood and watched it’s life ebb out onto the hard ground, he found himself filled with a mad, euphoric ecstasy like none other. The memory of this visceral experience returns to him in every battle, like an insatiable addiction that can only be abated with further bloodshed.

    He feels helpless and confused in big cities, and that makes him dangerous. He also does not understand the concept of metaphors and takes everything literally.

  9. Mike Leong says:

    Sounds good Matt.

    “Why would I put my finger on his throat?”

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