It’s Term 1 2018!

It is now 2018, so we are overdue for some updates and information to be shared with you all!

Firstly, I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year, and that you have been able to enjoy some well earned time out.

Secondly, we are back on THIS WEEK! Our first week of board games is the 23rd January.

The Australia Day of Gaming is on Friday the 26th January! (This week!!) Check out the related post, or the facebook event!


Term 1, 2018 games officially start on Tuesday the 6th February.
The last week of Term 1 will be on Tuesday the 10th April.

Alas! Our games are almost full. We will be having some new games starting in Term 2, so watch this space!

Game with space…

A Tale of Two Wars (Pathfinder) 6 players max, 1 free space

Full games

Tomb of Annihilation (5E Dungeons and Dragons): 6 players max, 0 free spaces

Seeds of Rebellion (Star Wars Fantasy Flight): 6 players max, 0 free spaces

Silience (Pathfinder): 6 players max, 0 free spaces

A Big Hot Mess (Shadowrun): 6 players max, 0 free spaces

Wastelands (Battletech): 6 players max, 0 free spaces


We run and advertise irregular fun gaming sort of events on our Events page. Check it out!

Some key dates for 2018:
(some of the dates for the terms may change, but we will have them locked in by the 6th February!)

  • 7th April – Term One Social: Slot Cars (Time TBA)
  • 1st May – 3rd July MoG Term 2
  • July – New and updated Weekend Away (Date and details TBC – we’ll keep you posted! Thanks to all who gave us feedback!)
  • 24th July – 25th Sept MoG Term 3 starts
  • 16th Oct – 18th Dec MoG Term 4 starts
  • Dec – Christmas Party!

If you’ve never been to our site before, have a click around – you should find the information where you’d expect it to be.  We are pretty much always looking for new players, and welcome people who want to run games. If you want to join, email us (look at the contact page) or leave a comment below. (Your comment will be moderated to ensure you are not an adbot, so won’t appear immediately, but will be seen by a human being.)

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