Australia Day of Gaming 2018!!

The Australia Day of Gaming is on Friday the 26th January! (This week!!) Details are:

Who: Everyone and anyone! This is a family friendly event. Come, and bring your friends too! You can comment below to give us an idea of numbers, or on the facebook event.

What: Boardgames, One Shots and other games! If you want to run a game, feel free to post in the comments to recruit players!

When: 10am-9:30pm, Friday the 26th January.Come for all or part of the day! Although if you are coming around lunchtime or dinner time and want food, message Helen, Chloe or Richard and we can make sure you are catered for!!

Bring: $5 to cover a BBQ lunch; money for dinner (take out) and snacks (Drinks if you want, although the drinks fridge will also be in attendance!)
Bring games if you want too!

One comment on “Australia Day of Gaming 2018!!
  1. Richard says:

    My family is coming.
    We’ll bring some stuff for BattleTech and boardgames.

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