The Sabak Tournament Finale

The penultimate day of the Sabaac Tournament, having come to its conclusion, led to a variety of activities being undertaken by our heroes.

Evie showed Satele a device that he ‘acquired’, and it was determined that it would give a slight advantage to Coromo Moro. Evie held onto the device to decide what to do with it.

Vivacia, exhausted after a challenging day of gambling, went to sleep early – both to rest and to avoid being caught in anything untoward on Cloud City.
Skorssar, Jaydo and Evie also retired early.

Cupcake went to scope out the possibility of any of the competitors engaging in cheating. Going past the Ugnaughts, and then running into a Gand Findsman led him directly to a fellow who had supplied Creeska with a card that had the ability to appear as any card desired by the player. This information would be most useful on the morrow.

O’Keefe contacted Satele and reminded her that Lieutenant Arandis is almost certainly the Imperial that is paying off one of Darga’s men. It only remains to be seen who is dealing with him…

Satele set up an automatic search of the holonet: cross-referencing the names of the final 5 contestants against various search terms. She then went to sleep.

At 2am, she awoke and got the results:

  • Creeska – has won multiple tournaments around the galaxy (and been thrown out of some – no details given)
  • Silas Draver – won various tournaments, and been involved in bar fights
  • Coromo Moro – Has been imprisoned multiple times on smuggling charges – there are currently several small, outstanding bounties on him
  • Lady Fioro – There is nothing on her. Nothing…
  • Vorn Ziday – She became incredibly wealthy pretty much at the same time as the empire arrived on Neimodia…

This gave her an idea – as Lady Fioro and Vorn Ziday seem the most suspicious, she would see if she can track payments into her account.

She wandered down to a computer terminal near a cantina, and set herself up to hack the Sabaac tournament registration details. This resulted in the bank details, and some other personal information of the two players being downloaded…and an alarm being set off. Satele walked swiftly away, but when it seemed like she would be caught leaving the scene of the crime, turned and ran towards it – asking what the problem was. She was then detained. 200CR and her name and address ensured that she was able to return to the hotel room, leaving bank payments untraced.

The next morning, each person went about their daily business. Satele and Jado headed to the tournament in time for their shifts. Satele was assured of being first if the dealer droid malfunctioned, and Jado (along with the entire team of security) was reprimanded for allowing a weapon into the arena the previous day. Their pay was forfeit if any weapons were allowed in.

Jado kept a close eye on the neighbouring door (closer in fact than he kept on his own entrance) and noticed the other guard accept a payoff to allow entry to two humans with concealed blaster rifles. Jado contacted the head of security, giving him descriptions and details of the transaction and parties, resulting in the arrest of all three.

Skorssar realised that there were at least three other pairs working with the two apprehended thugs, while Satele – from inside the arena – realised that they were trying to set up a perimeter.

Vivacia did not do amazingly at Sabaac, but this was overlooked when Jado spotted Creeska slip his cheating card into his deck. Security was called and the players were granted a recess as Creeska was led away into custody. Coramo Moro approached Vivacia, asking for tips and pointers to have more of a chance to win as Switch had told him of their agreement. Vivacia, however, thought he was a bit weird and denied any knowledge of any deals. Moro stormed off angrily, and Evie went to calm him down. Successfully, it may be added.

During the break, Satele located the other humans who had adjusted their positions to create a triangle around the tables. Unfortunately, she also gained the attention of two of these fellows. As they walked towards her, she turned on her commlink so that the others could hear the resulting conversation.

Alas, they wanted very little conversation, and instead Satele was manhandled through the crowd towards the bathrooms. As she tried in vain to resist, Skorssar ordered pop-corn and pushed his way through the crowd, feigning a need to vomit. Cupcake and Jado followed. Jado, ostensibly, under orders to prevent Lord Skorssar from taking matters into his own hands.

Over the comms, upon Satele’s disappearance into the bathroom, Satele’s chattering could be heard, followed by a sickening crunch and silence as she was punched in the head. This halved her HP and left her reeling – even less able to defend herself from the assault.

Skorssar, finally, burst in and interrupted Satele’s pummelling with a swift (and hard) punch to the stomach – causing the assailant to evacuate his stomach contents and thus completing Skorssar’s claim to a stomach upset.
Cupcake set himself over the door to prevent interruption and Jado entered to deal with Skorssar. Instead he arrested the thug in time for the rest of security to arrive and take him into custody.

Meanwhile, the game started up again, and Vivacia was defeated, fair and square. Four players were now left. Arandis went all in, and Lady Fioro had a perfect hand, raking in the win. Unlike his methodical stacking at the conclusion of each of the games, Arandis deliberately placed his cards in a particular order in the centre of the table:

132.17: clearly a frequency for the slave controls of the ship in orbit…


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