Session Five

As dawn breaks, the party consider their options with settlement leaders.

Tarbin is willing to hold off for a few days to allow their horses time to recover while everyone is afraid what will happen if the Bloody Hand engage in another attack.

The settlement soldiers are divided into three groups; one to man the walls and one each to teach Providence’s teenage & adult citizens (men & women) how to fight with spear and bow.
The bows used are the ones taken from the barbarians the party killed while spears are sharpened sticks.

The settlement blacksmith is convinced to make a dozen spear heads.

Throughout the day & at regular intervals, pairs of Bloody Hand warriors ride from the forest and circle the settlement, out of bow range & shouting abuse, before returning to their wooded exit point.

The group set up an ambush on the far side of the fort, covered in dirty blankets amid the grass & paired with a warrior from the settlement. Those inside will give one of two signals; a blanket will be waved if a pair of horsemen is coming while a horn will be blown if a larger group appears.

A blanket is waved shortly after & minutes later a pair of mounted warriors trot into view.

Once within range, volleys of bow fire take down their horses before they are engaged in armed combat.

Saul suffers a savage wound before he cuts his opponent in half with his great axe. Doran is also wounded but outnumbered six to one, the second warrior is dispatched.

The bodies are decapitated & stripped of weapons while the horses are dragged into the settlement to provide additional vittles’ for all involved.

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