Threat Profile: Mad Mabel

Extracted from Interstellar Expeditions Spinwards Operational Area updates, 3130

Age: 37 (Born 3093)

Position/Rank: Leader of the Grim Grinner Gang pirate band


Despite her colourful moniker, Mad Mabel represents a definite threat to our continued operations. Violent and unpredictable, the self-proclaimed cannibal queen has become a plague to the worlds of the “south-east” Outworlds Wastes. Her operations are particularly bloody and violent, often deliberately inflicting collateral damage in order to discourage further resistance or simply for the sake of it. Most worrying for us, she seems to be deliberately targeting our own operations for reasons we cannot begin to fathom.


Investigating her background tells us something about how she came to be where she is, but offers little clue as to her motivations. As far as we have been able to determine, Mad Mabel was born Mabel Goodwin to a lower-class family in Waterburg, Onverwacht. She fell into gang violence early, and became an enforcer with a reputation for brutality and sadism. In 3108, she was implicated in the death of her step-father, although nothing was ever proven. By 3113, she had moved up in the world, committing a series of high-profile armed robberies that were characterised by needless violence.


Escaping off-world ahead of the authorities (after apparently killing the rest of her gang), Mabel used her ill-gotten wealth to buy her way into the Terror Tigers pirate band. Training to be a MechWarrior, she rose though the ranks of the band through getting results and bringing in ample spoils through a combination of her skill and propensity towards violence. However, she found herself effectively locked out of further advancement due to Gruppenfurher Nakamura’s policy of baring women from command positions.


In 3122 the Tigers clashed with the Grim Grinner Gang over a series of caches discovered on the dead world of Mandaville.  Mabel used the opportunity to further her own career by betraying the Tigers, leaving them outmatched and outmanoeuvred by the Grim Grinners. The bulk of the unit were captured and forcefully incorporated into their ranks, with Mabel among them (Nakamura was executed to serve as an example). Her propensity towards violence suited the Grim Grinners well, leading them to a string of successes in raids across a number of worlds.


Quietly building her own powerbase, in 3127 she moved against Matthaias Grande, their then leader and challenged him to a duel for command of the band. After a bloody battle she was triumphant, taking Grande’s severed head as a trophy and proof of her authority to lead. Thus far she has faced at least three challenges to her command, all of which have ended in the brutal deaths of the claimants.


Mad Mabel is violent and unpredictable, and shows sadistic tendencies as well as a complete disregard for human life. Whether or not she is a cannibal remains unproven, but regardless she does actively play up on the claim. Her men remain loyal to her, largely due the success and rewards that she has bought to the band under her command; however, fear of crossing her also plays no small part in this. Those that fail her are usually killed or assigned suicidal duties as a way of ‘atoning’ for their mistakes. She is not, however, a mindless berserker, and shows clear tactical sense on the battlefield. She knows when to fight and when to run, and is not given to wasting resources on lost causes.

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