From the personal journal of Ash Coffin

I heard about Captain Nexx’s assault on the Grim Grinner’s supposed hideout. I can say now that it was definitely a success – for the pirates. While Nexx’s forces were victorious, true, what actually happened to him was rather humiliating.


Acting on the intel they’d gathered, Nexx had his company descend in force on their supposed hideout. He rushed into the operation, moving without adequate support. I suspect that his motives were not just to eliminate Mad Mabel, but to ensure that he beat me to it. The supposed target was a long-abandoned colony, dating back to the Star League era that the Grim Grinners were using as a barracks.


Rather then the company or more of ‘Mechs and other supporting elements he expected, Nexx’s forces instead met two lances of battered tanks, supported by infantry and a single ‘Mech (A Storm Raider that had been badly damaged in their last clash). Despite being outnumbered, outgunned and outmanoeuvred, the Grim Grinner forces fought with suicidal ferocity, running at Nexx’s heavier force with no regards for their own safety.


The result was basically a foregone conclusion. Most of the Grinner tanks were destroyed on the field, their crews killed. The Storm Raider was disabled, and its MechWarrior died of his injuries. A single Plainsman got away, using infernos to cover its escape. None of Nexx’s ‘Mechs were disabled, although several of them suffered appreciable damage. Nexx himself suffered a humiliating fall when his Ostroc tripped over rubble. What the Grim Grinners did do was waste our time, as well as causing us to burn supplies, parts and ammo (especially LRMs) for no benefit.


Nexx’s company found that they had stripped down the base, taking nearly everything of any worth. Aside from the husks of the tanks, the only other noteworthy salvage was the husk of the Cicada they disabled earlier. It’s MechWarrior was hanging from the rafters, the words “NOT LIKE THIS” scrawled on his chest.


Medical examination said that many of the Grinners had existing injures, and had probably fought in the failed raid on Ancholy. A number of them had then been further beaten, and a few were hopped up on combat drugs. They were more likely afraid of Mad Mabel then they were of us.


And, of course, they left no leads as to where they had gone. So a lot of wasted time, effort and ammo for nothing. Mabel played Nexx fantastically. In any other circumstance, it’d be amusing.

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