Wasteland Legion military forces

Built from the core of Coffin’s uprising, as well as a few defectors from the Grave Robbers, the Legion has grown to a multi-regimental combat force. Much of its strength has been drawn from a collection of pirates, failed mercenaries and other opportunists, resulting in a rather disparate collection of soldiers and equipment. While the units have undergone a degree of training, there are still cohesion issues in large-scale operations. This is not helped by the hodge-podge state of its equipment, which are as diverse as their soldiers.

Technical and support issues abound, with shortages of parts and equipment common throughout the entire military. This is especially true with more sophisticated technology, especially advanced munitions, where technicians will sometimes substitute less advanced but more readily available alternatives. Further exacerbating the situation is a lack of qualified and trained technicians. Those members of the Legion who have any technical skills often pull double duty on repairs and maintenance.

Likewise, the Legion lacks formalised training facilities and instruction programs. Most training is very hands on, with experienced soldiers doing their best to impart skills to newer recruits. Shortages of equipment mean that there is little provision for dedicated training BattleMechs, with a handful of converted IndustrialMechs instead used for the purpose. Armour and infantry training is somewhat better off, but Anti-Mech training is almost non-existent. As such, those who come into Legion with prior experience are highly prised.

1st Wasteland Legion
CO: Colonel Ramon Sanz
BattleMech Regiment/Regular/Reliable

The spearhead of the Wasteland Legion, the First Legion consists of a full regiment of BattleMechs, in addition to a command company. The regiment is used as the primary offensive force, and takes the lead in most operations. However, it is rare that the entire regiment will be deployed at once, instead being broken up into independent battalions to run specific campaigns.

Most of the unit’s strength is made up of light and medium ‘Mechs, with very few heavies and almost no assaults. The unit is primarily equipped with a mixture of late Succession Wars and invasion-era designs, but some more modern ones can be found within their ranks. In an effort to bolster their numbers, RetroTech, MilitaMech and even modified IndustrialMech designs also see some use.

2nd Wasteland Legion
CO: Colonel Luisa del Rey
Armour Regiment/Regular/Reliable

The Second Legion is primarily used as a supplemental force to the First, with each of its battalions assigned to support one of the BattleMech battalions. In addition to conventional combat vehicles, its strength also includes troop transports, VTOLs and Artillery, which are roughly evenly distributed between the three battalions. Like the BattleMech regiment, most of its strength is made up of light and medium tanks.

While again theoretically a full regiment, the Second is, if anything, even more disparate then its BattleMech counterpart. The unit is made up primarily of Succession Wars era designs, with the majority of the remainder being more recent Periphery-made models and even salvaged Star League-era designs. Many of the unit’s vehicles have been stripped of their more high-tech equipment and refitted with internal combustion engines and Rocket launchers in order to keep the more “valuable” units running. However, unlike the first, the second has not needed to supplement itself with RetroTech or industrial conversions.

Legion Auxiliaries
CO: Colonel Matthew Wallis
Three Infantry Regiments/Regular/Questionable

The bulk of the Legion’s strength, their three infantry regiments are made up of a mixture of trained soldiers, conscript militia, former bandits and those so desperate for a better option that they would take anything. The result is that the troop quality varies wildly, as well as there being very little in the way of equipment standardisation. Locally made Automatic Rifles are slowly being phased in across the command, but for the time being, “standard issue” is more of an abstract concept then a reality. Similarly, the few transport assets the formation possesses are more ad-hoc, running the gamut from purpose-built transports to converted buggies and even animals. The unit possesses no Battle Armour, a situation that is unlikely to change.

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