Silience: A Pathfinder Campaign

“We boarded those ships of our own free will, our every thought of the gold and the glory our noble cause would bring us.
Hundreds of us set sail on a fleet of ships paid for by the king’s coin.
By his command we were to pacify the island nation of PARLUND, a neighbouring realm whose bitter internal struggles threatened the peace of the entire region.
But as we approached its forlorn shores, the strong winds which drove us purposely to our quest, gave way to black skies and a dreadful storm arose to dash us with unholy force against an unforgiving coast.
Now it is morn and the wrecks of our vessels lie broken on the beaches while those of us who survive did so with barely the packs on their backs.
The fog clears and in the distance, figures approach beneath banners none of us recognise.
We swear silent oaths, ready our weapons and await their arrival.”


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