The People of Seattle

This post will be updated with important recurring NPCs as they are introduced into the game.

Large even for a troll, a fine specimen of what genes and a gym membership can do for you.¬†Lorry works out hard to make up for the time he spends sitting around, which, as a getaway driver, is a lot of time. Although originally from London – his cockney baritone is a dead giveaway – he’s become a regular face in the Seattle shadows. A fan of western trids, he packs a Ruger Warhawk just in case, but otherwise he prefers to man the wheel and wait out the bulk of a run. He also keeps a grenade launcher in the back of his van, you know, just in case.

Saint Stalker
A bright eyed young human woman with pale tawny skin and chestnut hair worn in a pixie cut. She dresses with a utilitarian style, favouring urban camo patterns, plenty of pockets, a hood for good measure, but the intimidation factor of her military style dress is offset by a constant friendly smile. Saint Stalker speaks well and fast, with a vaguely french accent. Her weaponry of choice includes an Ares Desert Strike sniper rifle and a heavy pistol on her hip. Saint Stalker is a Shadow runner of little repute but apparently great skill for her age.

George Hampton
A well-dressed middle aged white man with tired eyes framed by silver rimmed glasses that match his silver hair. He carries himself like a well worn but well paid wage slave, but visible tattoos peeking out from his collar and a collection of jewellery with animalistic engravings suggest more. George is a talismongre who previously owned a store in the barrens, but is now living somewhere in Snohomish.

One comment on “The People of Seattle
  1. Sunny says:

    Lorry is totally arctic. When the drek hits the fan, you know you can count on him.

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