That time their horses got an upgrade

I was invited by my good friend and colleague Ezra to assist him in studying the trove, but due to … marital commitments, I politely declined. Nevertheless, his research seems promising – he thinks he might know a way to a new form of energy, even time travel he says. Pah.

And lo, Sir Beresford and his companions did go north west, and then west, towards the place where Grunk formerly encountered insanity. And behold, an enemy stood in the way, a blood orc throwing the great stones of a stone ritual circle. But lo, it seemed to be consumed by its madness, and Sir Beresford put it out of its miserable life. And behold, they came upon the lake of the gnomes and the halflings, and behold, the clouds of purple didst seem to be moving again, and lo, they seemeth to go into the hills wherein we also seemed to go. And lo, Ragnor was greatly afraid, but Sir Beresford counselled him. But a purple cloud didst approach, and lo, we sought protection in a gnomish house. But lo, the storm didst penetrate the roof, and behold, when the storm passeth, the horses were changed. For lo, their heads were the heads of beasts, but their bodies remained that of horses. And Sir Beresford rode the horse that had become partly tiger, and Ylajali rode one that had the head of a dragon. And behold, they continued after the clouds, and behold, they seemed to be changing when they came together. But behold, the ground didst open up around them, and an old mine shaft was revealed by the chasm, and Sylvio did maketh the horses to float, and all save Ragnor entered safely. And behold, they came upon a pit, now lit by glowing glyphs. And behold, it seemeth to show a great creature of tentacles being defeated by gods, and its head being separated from its body of tentacles.

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