That time the undead led the blind

As the nadir of the Chronicles of the Legend of Sir Beresford Raleigh XVII, we should consider this the most accurate, if the least well described, portion of the Chronicles. The bardic version is much more … colourful … here.

And lo, a mysterious figure, wrapped in long robes and bearing a bowl, emerged from the pit of the crater. And the minions were worshiping it, and it accepted their worship. And behold, it spoke in an unknown language, loud and deep, and behold, the worshipers were turning to dust. But lo, the dust ascended and became one with the mysterious figure, and it seemed like it recovered a lost glory. And lo, it began to descend, and Galindan began to shoot at it. And Mortimer was seeking more advantageous ground, but the figure suddenly appeared before him. And lo, the battle was joined. Galindan shot many arrows at this figure, and Ylajali strove to reach it with her staff. Ragnor called the power of lightning against it. Sylvio hurled insult and mockery at it. But it was not fazed. And when Sir Beresford boldly jumped forth to face him, lo, it cast a great fever upon Sir Beresford, for it knew how great a threat he might be. And lo, it cast a blindness upon them, and watched as they wailed in despair. But lo, after many blows, it seemed to be forced back, for it cast an armour of stone about itself. And to escape the recovering Sir Beresford, it cast all and sundry away by means of magic. And it sought to kill Sir Beresford by sending him into the air, but lo, he did not perish, and Mortimer helped him back up. But lo, the figure returned to the pit, where a great many tentacles began to arise.

And as we sought to return to seek answers, lo, there was a lone boy with a message for Sir Beresford, telling him to seek answers in an old pit. And lo, after being unable to answer any more about who he was or how he came to be here, he disappeared by magic. But lo, beyond, Ragnor saw a flash, and it seemed to him to be verily likened unto the house that moves through time.

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