That time Sylvio defaced a column

Whilst the bardic and the written versions of the Chronicles of the Legend of Sir Beresford Raleigh XVII converge more, it becomes a case of which one is the more “poetic” interpretation of events. Whilst the written versions are known for their, ahem, arithmetic difficulties, the bardic version is known for, well, making all the monsters scarier, meaner, or in some way more fantastic.

And behold, Galindan began to use his abundance of arrows to shoot at the six worshipping undead in the crater. And Sir Beresford boldly charged forth, but was prevented by an enemy hiding under the ground. But Sir Beresford easily dismissed the snatching hand grasping his ankle, and continued forth, but lo, there were more of these hidden enemies. And Mortimer was gripped with fear and did no go, but Ylajali and Ragnor joined Sir Beresford in facing these hidden foes. And lo, Sir Beresford was angered that his enemies refused to face him, and so he walked around and waited for the enemies to arise to grab him. And lo, when the hand came forth and grabbed him by the ankles, behold, Sir Beresford lifted him out of the ground and brought him to be judged by the guardian spirits of Ragnor. And Sylvio sung a song of insult and humiliation at them, and soon, the legion of zombies didst trouble them no more. And Sir Beresford went down into the crater to kill the rest. But when he and the others got there, lo, only one remained, for Galindan had killed all save one. And as they wondered what to do, lo, Sylvio had departed in the form of a bird and none knew where he had gone. But behold, on the far side of the crater, there appeared legions upon legions of undead, and they brought with them a gigantic metal column on a sled. And behold, they were lowering the column into the crater. And Sir Beresford and his companions ran up the slope to better see what this might mean. And lo, the column did crash unto the earth, and lo, the earth shook greatly and it sounded like a large gong was ringing. And behold, the base of the crater did fall unto the earth, and the earth continued to shake. And lo, when the shaking stopped, undead presented themselves to Sir Beresford, and they didst announce the opening of a great prison, and the emergence of a dark herald.

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