That time they charged into a trap

It is at this juncture in the Chronicles of the Legend of Sir Beresford Raleigh XVII that it appears to converge much more closely to the bardic version of the same. There are still differences, but many of these can be attributed to the need to maintain meter and rhyme in the bardic version, as well as various vocalic assonances that “sound better”.

And lo, Sir Beresford and his companions departed. And they did return east by the familiar paths and through familiar plains. And behold, there was a glimpse of bone in a forest, and Sir Beresford boldly charged forth to face the peril. And lo, the enemies didst seemst unkeen to face the might of Sir Beresford, and retreated further into the forest. And lo, one of their number seemed to be slowed, and Galindan slew him from afar. But lo, Ragnor was suspicious, and as they discussed this suspicion, lo, a net fell upon them from on high. But Sylvio did magically escape from this trap. And behold, a hundred archers from on high rained arrows upon Sir Beresford and his companions. Mortimer also fled the net by magic, as Sir Beresford began cutting his way through. And Galindan thought to burn the net with fire. But Sir Beresford mightily tore at the net, and it disintegrated after great effort. And behold, their enemies were in the trees, and Sir Beresford and his companions hurled spear and arrow and magic and insult at them, and they all fell.

And they continued eastwards, past familiar landmarks, and they came upon the canyon between the lakes. And lo, boulders had been arrayed at the tops of the canyons, and someone was hurling them at the path. And Sir Beresford blessed the horses to walk upon the water, and they crossed to the other side. And behold, a mad orc threw a boulder at Sir Beresford, but it landed in the far bank of the river and merely splashed the horses.

And they came upon the forest south of the lake, for it appeared that it had been scarred from above. And lo, there was a great crater, and unknown men in its midst.

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  1. David M says:

    Only a hundred archers? You guys have gone soft without Grunk around… 😉

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