Ministry of Game North – Term 3!

Welcome to Ministry of Game!  Click on this post to find out a little more about the most current games we have running, and player spaces in these games. We welcome anyone 18 or over to join our games – provided there is a free space!

It is currently holidays, so while our usual games are not running right now, come along anyway for board games or one shots! Dinner during holidays is takeaway – so bring some cash (or byo dinner!) and join us at 6:45.

Term 3 of 2017 starts on Tuesday 18th July at Waitara Anglican Church. Be there at 6:45pm if you want some tasty food ($8) and socialising, and games start at 7.30pm. Games are on every Tuesday during term. Term 3 will officially end on Tuesday 19th September.


High Spirits (Werewolf: the Forsaken): 5 players max, 0 free spaces

The Widening Gyre (Steampunk in the Hero System): 6 players max, 3 free spaces

A Graveyard of Civilisations (5E Dungeons and Dragons): 6 players max, 0 free spaces

Supernatural Game (Modern): 7 players max, 0 free space

An Epic adventure! (Pathfinder) 6 players max, 1 free space

Seeds of Rebellion (Star Wars Edge of the Empire) 6 players max, 0 free spaces

We run and advertise irregular fun gaming sort of events on our Events page. Check it out!

If you’ve never been to our site before, have a click around – you should find the information where you’d expect it to be.  We are pretty much always looking for new players, and welcome people who want to run games. If you want to join, email us (look at the contact page) or leave a comment below. (Your comment will be moderated to ensure you are not an adbot, so won’t appear immediately, but will be seen by a human being.)

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