That time the dice rolled only one way

It will probably take some time for my colleagues to publish their findings into the newly discovered artifacts. Nevertheless, my work on this critical edition must continue. What we know is that the bardic version of the events and the written version appear to coincide more after the end of this chapter.

And lo, the next room was full of spectres awaiting Sir Beresford and his companions. And Sir Beresford leapt down and didst strike them mightily. And they didst flee before the might of Sir Beresford and the guardian angels of Ragnor. And lo, the room was full of junk. But in the midst of the junk, there lay a strange device, like a large pocket watch, but for depicting stars. And Mortimer did locate a rectangular box full of small gems that did make sound when pressed, and he discovered that it’s name was the Keytar of Ragnaroase the Awesome. And behold, there was a room with magical emanations coming from within, and Sir Beresford boldly entered that room, and didst remove the magics within with but a word. And when they had found no more foes, they didst carefully search the upper floors. And behold, there was a record of a group trying to hasten the arrival of the dark gods by means of sacrifice. And behold, that very night, an ominous sign appeared in the sky. The star known as the Navel of the Bear didst flicker brightly, and then dim, and then change course.

And behold, the next day, the hunting party of orcs didst return to confer about the strange events. And lo, the elder of the group didst demonstrate another strange omen. For lo, he tossed his divining stones, and they appeared thus. And lo, he didst toss them again, and they appeared exactly as they did before. And he spoke unto Grunk and Mortimer that this was but a symptom of a time of great doom or destiny, that had constrained the times such that the forces of chance and change were greatly weakened, and Grunk felt this weakness also.

And lo, the townsfolk were in great chatter, for many returning adventurers reported great signs and omens. For the clouds of purple did now stand still. The manic orcs appeared now to be cunning and devious hunters. And the hordes of zombies were now coordinated and strategic. And lo, it was resolved that the greatest and mightiest warrior, Sir Beresford, should go forth to investigate an omen in the east, the falling of a shooting star in the eastern forests, for only the greatest might survive these new challenges in our midst. And the other groups would shore up the protection of the fledgling town, for it still lacked for walls and gates and guardsmen.

And behold, a bard, a halfling by the name of Sylvio, didst approach Sir Beresford, for he wished to sing of the greatest warrior and tell his tales. And Sir Beresford bid him join, and he granted unto him the Keytar of Ragnaroase the Awesome. But Grunk chose to stay behind, for he and the other sorcerors of chaos and chance had become greatly weakened in power.

That’s it for another term. We’ll see you in term 3 on July 18.

2 comments on “That time the dice rolled only one way
  1. David M says:

    Thanks again all for 3.5 years of great adventures. Particular kudos to Jason for some truly epic world-building, and plot twists that always kept us on our toes. Much as there are many aspects of Sydney I will not miss, I will most certainly miss the MoG crew.

    Fellow travellers all – well met…

  2. Mike Leong says:

    Farewell David! May you find further adventures beyond the seas.

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