That time they sat back and let the angels do the hard work

My colleagues Sharon and Ezra have been hard at work at the recently discovered manuscripts. They say that there is some intriguing magical properties about one in particular, but they’re declining to share with me for the moment. The fact that Ezra is involved now means that there’s some sort of magical hoo-ha about this, probably found his hobby horse in there somewhere. Roz seems to think that he’s on to something by the look in his eye, but I prefer to wait for his submission to the journal, or at least, at the faculty conference.

And lo, the building did sway and collapse in part, and they stood as on a ramp. And lo, beneath them, a great amount of earth had become missing, and in the void, there lay the chasm that had been scene previously. And lo, Grunk did try to grab the bowl, but it scorched his cloths and fell into a portal. Sir Beresford boldly charged up to the other side, and he boldly led the way down the fallen wall into the mud below, and encouraged his companions to follow. And they harkened unto him, and Grunk quickly scaled up the muddy slope back up, but Ragnor was slow in doing so.

And lo, they retreated to safety and found Sir Beresford’s loyal and trustworthy retainers. And in the morning, behold, the land had slid into the void. And lo, we headed east, for there seemed to be a landmark of interest there. And we came across an orcish hunting party, and we parted after exchange of words.

And lo, the magicks of the stone tower sensed the power of Sir Beresford, and sought to turn him and Ragnor against his friends. And Grunk and Mortimer sought to bind Sir Beresford, but their magics were useless against him. And Ylajali did smack some sense into Ragnor and Sir Beresford, and they awakened from their befuddlement. And lo, they could see no entrance to the tower. But behold, the ground around the tower was not level with the tower itself. And so Mortimer levitated Sir Beresford to the top of the tower. And all save Ylajali easily climbed up, for the tower’s graded side was not sized for a gnome. And within, they saw a chair and a system of lenses, mostly broken, and images of a starfield. And when they descended down a floor, something in the shadows seemed to stalk them. And lo, Sir Beresford called upon the spiritual guardians to seek out the shade. And lo, the shade was easily defeated, for such was the holiness of Sir Beresford. And when he descended further, lo, the guardians took their stand against further shades. And Ragnor did follow after Sir Beresford and called his guardian spirits also to contend against the darkness. And as they traversed together, lo, the demons did fall easily.

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