That time they test-fired a siege weapon

Our initial findings on the cache suggest that we have located documents that purport to be, in turn, a diary on how to assemble an automaton, notes on raising an army of undead, the elements of fire-proofing cloths, and a collection of maps. The script inside, however, is strange, and currently, only magic is helping us decrypt the text.

And lo, they continued up the stairs, and seeing another statue, Sir Beresford shielded his allies from the trap so that they could disarm it. And now, being confident in the company of Sir Beresford, they destroyed the next trap before they reached it. And lo, they came upon a chamber where magical objects once lay amidst jewels and ancient tomes and canopic jars. And they proceeded again to another room where there was a hole in the ceiling leading to the surface. But they continued onwards, and they found an armoury with incomplete ballistae. And Sir Beresford easily assembled the ballista with only Ylajali giving instruction. And they wheeled the ballista out to search for prey, but found only a training room. And they didst see this as an opportunity to test the ballista, and lo, they smashed the bullseye and the canopic jar placed in front of it.

And they brought the ballista up on a wooden platform that took them to the top. And behold, there was an array of broken ballistae within some sort of parapet, and beyond lay courtyards. And in one courtyard, a lone figure stood with his arms outstretched as a storm raged all around. And lightning came from his hands into the skies above. And Sir Beresford went forth, but he saw that the man was not all he appeared, for he saw also the outline of tentacles. And they attacked the mysterious man with the ballista, and with fire, and with storm. And lo, the mysterious man grinned, and he seemed to know Grunk personally, and the names of the dark gods were whispered all around him. And he showered Sir Beresford and his allies with ice and cold. And Mortimer would have been faint were he not of orcish blood. And as the storm raged about them, Sir Beresford and his companions forced the mysterious man onto defence, and he didst levitate himself and build a wall of ice to shield himself. But Sir Beresford and his companions continued to assault him with relentless fire and holy light. And when at last the mysterious man saw that his end was nigh, he strode into the centre of them, and he let out a great nova of frost. But though others fell, Sir Beresford stood strong as the mysterious man fell, let go by the dark gods that used him. And as Sir Beresford ran forth and looked at the man, he lay confused and disturbed and guilt-ridden to his final breath, and expired. And all about, there was great tumult, for a large chunk of rock went hurtling into the sky, and shooting star came hurtling down, and in the east, a great storm brewed over the mountains. And the earth beneath them shook.

Reminder: you level up! Bring level 8 characters for next week, and send me some version of your sheets.

2 comments on “That time they test-fired a siege weapon
  1. Mike Leong says:

    Chekhov’s Ballista.

  2. David M says:

    Target that load-bearing boss and fire!

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