That time they needed study notes for the test

It would appear that several of my colleagues have stumbled upon a hidden cache in the university library. They appear to be documents from the same era of the Chronicles of the Legend of Sir Beresford Raleigh XVII. Once we’ve completed the preservation process, one of them will don the cotton gloves and begin the process of magical and non-magical translation of each of the documents. We are unsure as to how these got here or how long they have been here for, but I’m certain that it’ll be more exciting than this critical edition of these Chronicles.

And lo, the other door led to a ramp down. And because it was similar to the first ramp, they went back to the corridor of testing. And lo, the floor was filled with devious riddles. And they crossed the corridor and came to a door, but it would not open, but water rushed into the corridor. But Sir Beresford and his companions opened the door with might and magic. And behold, in the room they entered, there lay a body of a fallen cleric of the God Amun-Sophis, the God of Wisdom. And he had been struck heavily in the chest. But with his last breaths, he had left a message in his blood, unfinished, that said, “Don’t enter the h-“. And they entered the door closest to him, and it led to a priestly sanctuary. And lo, there was a hole in the ceiling, from which there was a rope. But in this hole, Mortimer sensed dark magics, and he sent the reanimated corpse of the cleric into the hole to investigate for them. And it returned only with a spellbook of an elemental arcanist who had studied with the Magocracy.

And lo, they went unto another corridor, and came upon a garden. But lo, the garden didst seem alive. And thus, Grunk and Mortimer did defoliate the garden, and they passed in safety to the dormitory of the temple. And as they ascended by stairs, they were greeted by a statue of the many-armed dark god, and a machine firing constantly crossbows. But Sir Beresford bravely held them off as his companions didst break the machine. And so they continued.

2 comments on “That time they needed study notes for the test
  1. David M says:

    New vocabulary: “Defoliate” = “Botanical Investigation” 🙂

  2. Mike Leong says:

    My examination-honed brain is hoping that, at some point, we’ll find a zombie with the answers to the test written in ballpoint pen on the palm of his hand or something.

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