That time there was dancing on the ceiling

Bard ToursTM have a bounty on whoever can locate the lost temple described in this chapter of the
Chronicles of the Legend of Sir Beresford Raleigh XVII. They will even take, and I quote, “a location whose physical layout is destroyed, but which possesseth proof beyond doubt that this be a location that Sir Beresford Raleigh XVII didst set foot upon”. I’m highly sceptical, of course. This was probably just a cave that he fell into and hit his head too hard.

And lo, Ragnor didst part the waters, and there were many holes with tentacled creatures in them. And Mortimer volunteered to send his skeletal minions to examine the way forward. And lo, they didst stop before the door, for there lay a deep trench full of tentacled creatures before the door. And everybody withdrew, for Grunk prepared a fireball to slay these foul creatures. And Sir Beresford mightily pushed the door open, and they didst cross over in safety. And lo, they saw the corpse of one who had gone on before, a female human who had drowned. And lo, on the far side, they heard the sound of water, and a creature in the waters. And Sir Beresford mightily opened this door, a great deluge poured forth, and behold, a titanic octopus, the size of a great hall, lashed out at Sir Beresford. And Sir Beresford allowed the giant to grab him, so that he could face it up close, whilst everyone else attacked it from afar. And behold, it squirmed at the sight of Sir Beresford and his axe and didst release its ink, and lo, it died easily. And when the water did drain away, they saw the remains of a person, the last meal of this giant creature.

And they came upon the latrine. But this latrine was also home to another giant octopus that ensnared Ylajali. And Sir Beresford didst slice off the tentacle, and the exited the chamber. And lo, they came upon a long hall, and beyond the hall lay a dark corridor. And Ylajali approached the corridor and lay her hand upon its entrance, and it did try to pull her in. But Sir Beresford pulled her out. And behold, there were the fingertips of someone just coming out of the corridor lying on the floor. And Sir Beresford pulled this body out also, but the warrior was long dead from unknown causes. And Mortimer wished to know what sorcery this might be, but in doing so, he found another magical exit concealed behind a wall. And they didst open the concealed entrance and entered through. And there were endless corridors that bore a similar appearance. And they came to a point where they stood instead on the ceiling. And lo, a cackling laughter began to come after them. And behold, they faced a spherical orb, in the likeness of metal, with a single mouth within it. And it laughed at them. And Sir Beresford and his companions struck mightily at it. But the orb also knew some tricks, and struck back with a ball of fire. But it finally dissipated and imploded on itself.

Next week, I shall be doing another block of Masters study. I believe there are plans for a one shot to happen while I’m away. Check FB or your emails, and someone email Helen or post on FB page to confirm your dinner numbers.

5 comments on “That time there was dancing on the ceiling
  1. David M says:

    “Does anybody have any tape?”

  2. Miriam says:

    What about scotch tape?

  3. David M says:

    That’ll work. Do you have any?

  4. Miriam says:

    Um, no…

  5. David M says:

    Why would you say that then?! Mortimer, do you have any tape? Those skeletons have to stick together somehow after all…

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